Do you need a second shooter at your wedding

Do you need a second shooter at your wedding?

The second shooter is a photographer who accompanies the main photographer. He or she is not necessarily an assistant but whose photos can add a lot more value to your wedding album. 

Here is why you need to have them at your wedding - 

More Photos!

Weddings are a ceremony filled with emotions at every moment - and you need more than one photographer to capture it all. 

Moreover, most brides and grooms admit to wanting more and more candid photos of their wedding.

So, adding a second shooter is definitely going to get you more photos of your wedding.

It’s almost like adding one more eye - watching out for all the beautiful moments of your wedding. 


No moments of your wedding left uncaptured 

Imagine this - the groom is tying the knot. 

While the main photographer focuses on the bride and groom, the second shooter focuses on the expressions of parents and friends.

Thus you get a complete picture of your wedding - and none of the photos of your loved ones are left behind. 


The wedding is on schedule 

A wedding is too hectic for a single photographer. 

And a second shooter definitely helps keep the whole event on the schedule. 

The main shooter gets the getting ready shoot of the bride while the second shooter can get that of the groom. 

Another scenario is the family portrait.

We all know how big a task it is to bring all the family together and pose them. 

A second photographer helps in getting this done faster. 

On the whole, a second shooter ensures that there are no delays and everything goes on smoothly on your big day.


A different perspective 

Different photographs have different styles and ways of looking at a wedding. 

One photographer's niche might be closeups and capturing intimate moments. 

While the other's might a photojournalistic style - zooming out and capturing the bigger picture.

Thus having a second shooter brings in more perspective to your wedding. 


They are your backup photographer  

Imagine this - 

Something goes wrong with the main photographer’s gear in the middle of the ceremony. 

That means the most precious moment of your life is left unphotographed. 

And it’s a nightmare for any bride and groom! 

A second shooter makes sure that this doesn’t happen. 

They act as a backup for your main photographer. 

A wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life.

And your wedding album is the biggest takeaway from it. 

So, having a second shooter is definitely worth the little extra money you put in. 


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