5 Things to communicate to your photographer

5 Things to communicate to your photographer

Your wedding is almost there! 

The excitement is building up but so is the pressure for everything to go on smoothly. 

Don’t worry - we got you covered on the photography part. 

Here are five things you need to communicate to your candid wedding photographer so that your big day is perfectly captured, without any hiccups or mishaps. 

1 - Introduce the wedding photographer to both of your families and friends 

Make them meet your important family members and friends.

This can even happen over a video call. 

Is there some favorite uncle, aunt or cousin, who is very close to you? Let them know. 

Are there any other family dynamics they need to know?  

Mention it all to the photographer.

2 - Brief them on the entire schedule of the wedding day

Give them a clear idea of the entire rituals and their corresponding timings. 

When does the makeup start? 

When does the groom arrive? 

What is the time slot for the bridal shoot? 

When should they take family portraits?

Make sure you send the detailed schedule over Email or WhatsApp. 

3 - Connect them to the videographer  

You want the perfect photos as well as the videos of your wedding. 

So it's important that the photos and videographers work together without any conflict. 

So, connect them beforehand and make sure they build a rapport with each other. 

4 - Is there a particular dress code you want them to follow? 

The last thing you want is for photographers to wear something random and spoil the aesthetics of your wedding. 

So, give a rough guideline on the kind of dress you want them to wear. 

5 - Make sure they have a contingency plan 

This is one of the most important things you need to look at. 

Data loss, camera malfunction, photographer falling ill - a lot can go wrong in wedding photography. 

But this shouldn't affect the most important day of your life. 

So, make sure that the photographer has backup options for anything that can go wrong at the wedding. 

That is it! 

Hope you have the perfect wedding :) 

Comment below if you found this useful. :)

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