Choosing the Right Photographer for your Wedding

Choosing the Right Photographer for your Wedding

Congratulations on fixing your wedding! 

The dates are fixed, the venue is fixed and all your family is super excited for the marriage! 

Now the next big step -

Choosing a wedding photographer! 

Its really important that you do this after a lot of thinking ,because the memories in those photographers are your only real takeaway from the wedding. 

But don’t worry - we got you sorted. 

This post is a complete step by step guide to choosing your perfect wedding photographer. 

Now, before you start the hunt - here are some things you need to figure out first - 

Step 1 - Venue, Date, Events

Where is the wedding happening? 

When is it happening? 

What all events (haldi, Mehandi, sangeeth) do you need photographers for? 

Do you need a pre-wedding shoot? 

Do you want a wedding film?

Step 2 - What style of wedding photography do you want? 

What is the style that you find most appealing? 

Do you want a traditional photographic style in which photos are mostly posed? 

Or do you want an artistic style?

Or do you want a photojournalistic style - with photos that tell stories? 

Or do you want a movie-style romantic posing and shoots? 

Most of the photographers work on a combination of two styles. 

Thus - choose two styles that appeal to you the most. 

Also, look into the editing styles. 

Do you like photos - that are bright, colorful and high in contrast? 

Or do you like the ones that are subtle and soft? 

Or do you have a thing for black and white photos? 

Decide all this before we proceed to the next step. 

Step 3 - Shortlisting wedding photographers

Now, that you have a rough idea of your budget and wedding style in mind - its time to shortlist your photographers! 

Browse through sites like wedmegood, weddingsutra and so on. 

While browsing, also look at where the photographers are based out. If you are choosing somebody outside your city, you will have to bear their travel and accommodation costs as well. 

Step 4 - Contact the shortlisted photographers  

First thing you should see if they are free on those days. 

Then ask if they are flexible with the budget - and whether it can be customized according to your needs.

Once you get a green signal for these two proceed to the next steps 

Step 5 - Ask for a complete wedding Album

Don’t decide on the photographer just on the photos they have posted on their Instagram or website. 

Ask them for a full wedding album before you make your judgment. And ask for a wedding that is similar to yours. 

Like, for example, if you are having a night wedding - ask for an album of a night wedding. 

Step 6 - Customer testimonials 

Look at their reviews on Facebook, Google, and their website. 

Either ask a customer contact from the photographer itself or ping people who they have tagged on Facebook and Instagram. 

Have an open conversation with them. 

How professional were they? 

How easy were they to work with? 

How did the photos turn out? 

Step 7 - Be clear on the deliverables and payment 

What all events will be shot? 

How much is the payment? 

How many photos will be delivered? 

When will the photos be delivered? 

Have a clear communication on all of these.

To be on the safer side - you can also ask your photographer for a wedding photography contract. 

Step 8 -  Do you have a rapport with the photographer? 

The photographer is going to be shooting the most intimate moments of your life. 

Make sure that you have a good rapport with this person and you people are comfortable around him or her. 

This will really reflect in the photos as well. 

Step 9 - Do they have a second shooter? 

Marriage involves a lot of moments and needs more than one photographer to capture it all. 

You will need more than one photographer to capture all the moments at your wedding, especially if its an Indian wedding. 

For example, when the bride and groom are tying the knot - one of the photographers captures the moment - while the other captures the emotions of family and friends.

Some photographers even have a third shooter. 

So, make sure that there are atleast two candid photographers for the wedding. 

Step 10 - How experienced are they? 

Marriage is a big event! 

And its a lot more than just photography. 

And experience has definitely a big role to play. 

How long have they been on the business? 

How many weddings has him or her shot? 

Make sure you are enquiring about this. 

That's it! 

Now you are fully equipped on the hunt for the perfect wedding photographer! 

Is there something that we missed out on? 

Comment below!


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