My Passion for Wedding Photography

My Passion for Wedding Photography

Hey! I am Kiran. I am the founder and lead photographer at Wedding Moments. 

My journey in wedding photography started back in my college days in Bangalore. Unlike many, photography was never really my passion. I just started assisting a few photographers as a means of earning an extra income but soon got drawn to the world of weddings. Shooting weddings with all its different people, cultures and emotions gave me the high. The passion kept growing and became my purpose when I realized how much the photos mean to the family.

“Photography for me is something beyond art.”

Weddings are almost like a festival for us - and we want to capture all of its moments! And the satisfaction you get after seeing the photos - nothing can replace that feeling. 

As of today - I am 150 wedding year old -  I have photographed weddings of various cultures and traditions - from the destination weddings in the deserts of Rajasthan, the traditional tam Bram weddings in Chennai, the royal weddings in central India to the big fat Delhi weddings. 

And like any great marriage - my love for photography just gives growing day after day. 

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